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I’m Niki Shmikis, Moscow born millennial in transition to the unconventional self-employed career path. I created the Zivot-Je-Hra blog to share about my reinvention experience, learnings and advice.


After leaving an advertising industry via sabbatical in 2015 it’s been high and lows, too much drama.

Don’t you struggle with that too?

ZIVOT-je-HRA map of ideas:

Self-knowledge, self-awareness, authenticity, self-employment, non-attachment to technology, reinvention / transition / pivot, time-management, self-management, pacing yourself, learning, creating, studying philosophy, neuroscience, history, literature, meditation.

Desired impact

Being comfortable about who you are. Being in love with what you are. Doing what you want on your own terms as play. Becoming calmer, stronger and wiser.

That’s what the Flanner Framework is about. A set of practice, tool and paradigm shift that I’ve beed developing on my own to deal with an emotional rollercoaster. Beginning at the fog is hard. Especially for melancholics.

Hope that you are curious to let me help you on your way from fog to fruition.


So curious to hear from you. Reveal yourself, stranger :-)