What I'm doing now

Last updated October 10 /17

I'm home in Minsk where visually eye pleasing autumn with vibrant colours is on. From the window of the shmiki-leaks-lab, I observe a metamorphosis from green to yellow of a maple tree and a birch tree.

September-October transition time Bobo and I spent in Moscow when my family flat was free. RE-BOLDINO trip was a blast and it was exciting training on how to stay zen in the chaotic and absurd environment.


What's on my plate NOW:

♨️ [WHAT THE HECK IS ZIVOT-JE-HRA] ARTICLE. Published finally my thoughts publicly on October 6, the first day of Round VII, a week after the inception anniversary.



  • Articles in the self-management series (full list here)

  • Articles from a beginners perspective:

    • on Dancing as a daily self-care routine to keep creative juices flowing

    • on Mobile Photography as a way to stay present, keep more memories and connect the dots

    • How I got into meditation, neuroscience and philosophy

🎥 RECORDING SCREENCAST ABOUT THE LOGBOOK. This turned out as a way harder task than I imagined. I hugely underestimated the time needed for execution. It'll be either for me in the future to estimate realistically the time for the similar projects thanks to actual time spent data in the Logbook.

🦄 TALKING WEEKLY WITH A MASTERMIND FRIEND. I keep telling you how I enjoy chatting with Amanda about our projects, talking through our ideas and struggles. Maybe that's what missing in your life to make something impossible and BOLD faster than you realize. Think about it.

🚀 ENJOYING MAKING INSTAGRAM STORIESAfter struggling over a year to start making video stories I'm having a blast. Tip for beginners: don't check your stats and be happy that nobody is watching. It's the best time to not take yourself too seriously and experiment with a new medium.


a motto of the ROUND



It's the first time I'm trying a motto in the ROUND VII (look here if you're not familiar with the concept).

Bold is also my word of the year /17, but I keep forgetting about this and very slowly moving out of my comfort zone.

Amanda liked the idea and made Dharma her motto for ROUND II. As I understood, it's about achieving your goals with ease instead of strain while staying alert and present.

the logbook post-launch strategy

change of plans

I have to get my thoughts together in the first three weeks of ROUND VII. In the meantime, I made available free PDF templates for the rest of 017 (direct download here).

nail colour


acid green and orange

In the sabbatical I discovered that my favourite nail colours are blues, greens and yellows. When I worked in the media agency I limited my choice to red tones only.

This car was on on my way to the September manicure when I was in a melancholy mood. When this acid green caught my eye in the colour palette I decided to try such a vibrant colour and go against my first impression [Who would ever want to wear nails like this?!]. I'm glad I experimented! It pumped my mood every day. Simple pleasures.




Movies at home. Last time I was in a cinema on March 6, 2016. Bobo and I watched [Hail, Caesar!] by Coen brothers. By the time of this update we almost finished watching their other interesting film [Inside Llewyn Davis].

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A clever idea by Derek Sivers. It let’s people see what you’re currently working on and is a reality check for you to stay on top of what matters. Consider making a \now page, too.