What I'm doing NOW

I'm in Minsk, working in the [shmiki leaks lab]. Winter is in full mode here already.

On my left is a window with a view on the forest park. I often watch the sky, birds or the trees.



Focusing on these things:

  • Writing, putting content online: 
    • @nikishmikis visual blog - chronicles of the neophyte philosopher >> I share my story from apprentice perspective
    • @zivotjehra visual blog - food for thoughts to help ambitious and open-minded humans to deal with existential problems
  • Researching and thinking about [operating system upgrade] concept, including:
    • studying philosophy in the non-academic way
    • practicing meditation with Headspace
    • conversations with readers, who are curious to fill in submission form on the home page.
  • Working on the way to find a creative way to support myself with the help of Fizzle:
    • I publish progress log of a starry-eyed beginner indie entrepreneur in the Fizzle Forums 
    • and in the early stage of developing newsletter to keep ~ZIVOTJEHRA INSIDERS~ curious, inspired and fired up.


  • INTRINSIC MOTIVATION: I'm not doing this for the money or the fame, I care about this deeply.
  • I'm following the thread of CURIOSITY. I heard about [operating system upgrade] concept first time in January 2015 on the Tim Ferriss Show podcast with from Peter Diamandis.
  • An unconventional approach to blogging in Instagram is my creative outlet. As a VISUAL THINKER, I see it as a very cool way to connect with like-minded individuals and resonate with them. I just play as if there are no rules.

Last update: November 27, 2016

To reach me, email to: niki@zivotjehra.org

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