What I'm doing now

Last updated 22-February-018; R8 OTIUM-17.


I'm in Minsk, it's winter time.

It's ROUND VIII on my calendar (February-May). I haven't done yet the review of the seventh round and my current plan remains ambiguous at the Brain Dump stage. Not good.

This update is a way to clear up my mental space as well as to share with you who and what I know, how I feel. All in all, my hope is to hell you figure out your own psychology on a deeper level so that you clear your horizon and manage better your energy and behaviors.



I figured out two areas of further development. Read here what the heck is Zivot-Je-Hra if you're new to this concept. Especially if you're the kind of adults who are kids at heart and want to be a lifetime prolific creator.

By the way, I would continue to call it just a project if not a timely help from Adam Westbrook. He mentioned Zivot-Je-Hra as a philosophical movement in his recent article about 30+ creative projects that deserve to shine brighter.


What's in it for you, when I finish the work on the following two areas:


Beginners guide for reinvention: lost 2 blossoming.

Two in-depth guides:

  • Re-evalution of all values

  • How to collect and analyze personality data with a grain of salt

As a part of the feedback loop process I'm testing the “Sabbatical Tour” workshop and “Second Voyage” program with a few beta-testers.



Rounds Calendar (in-depth post is coming soon)

Logbook method: a planner and journaling framework.




Odyssey. Dolgin. 


Half of the time I spent on creation the last few months listening to the first track of the Parallax EP. This is how I get into the flow quickly, this track helps me to immerse into what I'm doing at the moment.



Surprisingly, on my 32nd winter I found a way to enjoy walks and keep them long in the cold.

Changing how I write by hand.


фотка мишка + ежик