What I'm doing now

September.7.018 update

- work in progress - 

Baking the cake

Driven by understanding of how human nature and universe works I continue exploring myself, studying philosophy and spending a lot of time in contemplation. To the most outsiders it could sound like unproductive spend of time, including to my inner critic, who's worried that I don't publish consistently.

For the last year I've been distracted with a business idea of selling the self-management tool, that I created for myself, through the Gumroad. Since I was so reluctant to make it work I dropped it after acknowledging through free-writing that although it's technically possible to make it work, but not for me. I'm not driven to become an entrepreneur. The Logbook is now available per email subscription. 


- where I am now -

My approach to shifting time perspective in order

- mood colors -

My approach to shifting time perspective in order to pursue self-improvement and self-expression is called ROUNDS CALENDAR. You can read about it here. This is a way to play the long game with grit.

Now is the Round 9. It took me three and half years to learn a way to maintain inner calm. When I start crying or just being upset I step out of myself. It's a recent breakthrough but given the dreadful emotional context of the first half of 2018, I feel calm and content now.

- current events - 

school haircut; dancing; 

 - reading -

My main work-day book is "The lectures on modern European philosophy" by Merab Mamardashvili that I started in the end of June and will finish by September. Next I'm going to pick up and finish "Nietzsche and Philosophy" by Gilles Deleuze. 

Occasionally I read random chapters from these books:

Non-fiction: finishing "The Metamorphoses" by Apuleius, that excited me so much that 

  • Currently:

    • The lectures on modern European philosophy by Merab Mamardashvili

  • Up next:



 - mottos - 

  • Mostly on weekends:

    • watching the blue sky

    • watching the night sky

    • watching the grass

  • Occasionally, driven by spontaneous intention:

    • dancing

    • drawing with wax crayons

  • Doing less:

    • listening to podcasts, especially in the business category. The only exception is AKIMBO.

- quote that I'm pondering often - 

теперь я легок, теперь я летаю