What I'm doing now

Updated July 31st  '17

Developing a self-management tool for growth-minded data-driven individuals who desire to live a prolific creative life and want to find their own rhythm,  stay organized and find harmony while working at home. Some of them may struggle with strategic optimization.

I've been developing a solution for myself for last two and a half years. This is part of my living knowledge, and I keep working to share it with like-minded peers.

My goal is to recruit new people to try it out and to involve them in the loop of the creation process.

Taking part in spreading the word about the [Creative Unblocking] book among emerging artists.

I'm a part of an multinational launch team led by Amanda Truscott. We are mastermind partners, and I helped to beta read the book.

I'm excited to be a part of this book launch that would save me tons of stress time if it was available at the beginning of sabbatical.

I'm home in Minsk. Having a fun summer time and learning how not to take myself seriously.




Mind and body reboot over the vacation time with Bobo in the beginning of July was my first [Surrender Experiment].


Upon return and after chatting with my sister about her project I made a breakthrough with mine trying to help her.

@nikisgmikis Instagram Chronicles. I'm doing video Insta stories now too. I've been postponing doing stories since December 6, '16.