What I'm doing now

Last updated 19-December-017

On my calendar is week 11 of round VII, games 73-79. While it's two weeks away from the NY018, it's also four weeks before the end of this round. This saves me from the general wave of stress and disappointment. Here's an update about my slow and steady voyage in the open ocean in five parts:

  1. about my body of work on the territory of growth and personal evolution
  2. what I'm reading: day and bedtime
  3. what I'm watching: three last movies
  4. what I'm listening
    • music
    • podcasts
  5. current events

-1- I'm solving problems of the self-employed folks who want to make the most of their time without squashing creativity.

Recent blog posts:


How To Stay Focused, Balanced, Prolific, And Connected All At Once

or why the Logbook is not like any other time-management solution

Intersection of philosophy, neuroscience and meditation with my wild imagination gives this site a unique point of differentiation.

Visual side is enhanced by unique photography of Trey Ratcliff, pioneer of HDR photography. This tutorial for beginners was the last thing I needed to see before trying out Aurora HDR 2018. It is freaking fantastic! 

_I really do feel like I've had an Operating System upgrade in three ways__.png

3 Ways To Upgrade Your Operating System

Testimonial By A Self-Employed Highly-Organised Writer of Urban Fantasy Novels

My method of crafting self-employed operating system with a paper-based tool is aimed to help independent infinitely curious humans to express fully themselves without burning out.

My solution includes:

 Ship Sailing At Sunset In Aruba by Trey Ratcliff

Ship Sailing At Sunset In Aruba by Trey Ratcliff

My hypothesis: this method and tool is a perfect fit for those who goes against the crowd and finds his own way. It will benefit people who desire to express themselves authentically and originally and strive to live meaningful and fulfilling life on their own terms. They choose independent life in the open ocean.

LOGBOOK: craft your authentic self-employed operating system


The LOGBOOK tool is a little practical boat for those who choose open ocean path. It's not about making every day as productive as possible, but about experiencing the day, being present, focused and prolific.

If this sounds interesting, please check out:

  1. Download free PDF of the Logbook - give it a test-drive for a week

  2. Buy the Logbook's master file in Excel to make it work for you

I'm still working on the video with operating principles. All I have now is this plan and a rehearsal video about the building blocks of the Logbook.



-2- Reading, part of the compound time:

  1. Continuing Freud's [The Interpretation of Dreams] - chapter 6 out of 7. It's not easy but pretty fascinating read. I read it in 30 minutes sessions, once a day several times per week. Perhaps this book is taking me the longest time to read this year, but it totally worth it.

  2. Finishing long-read [Neuralink and the Brain’s Magical Future] by Tim Urban of waitbutwhy.com. I got almost to the end, part #6: Elon's plan. So far I'm shocked in many ways for many reasons. More on this later.

  3. My current bedtime reading: [Odyssey] by Homer. Did you know that two epic poems  the Iliad and the Odyssey were a foundational education piece in the Ancient Greece?


- 3- Listening:


-4- Watching MOVIES. The last three:


-5- Current events: 

Bobo and I are home in Minsk. It's my 32nd winter in the continental climate. The sun with the blue sky are rare guests, only couple times in 1-2 weeks. I'm tracking these days in the Logbook, not whining about it, but instead catching every opportunity to gaze into the the blue sky. It's like a meditation, I can spend 15-30 minutes doing this.

A clever idea by Derek Sivers. It let’s people see what you’re currently working on and is a reality check for you to stay on top of what matters.

Consider making a \now page, too.