What I'm doing now

Updated September 8'17

It's been almost a year and a half since Bobo and I left Moscow in favor of downshifting in Minsk and cutting on expenses. I've never been happier in my life. Surprisingly, I even started dancing outdoors.


My current main focus is to build the feedback loop in the lean development process of the Logbook tool after I launched MVP on Gumroad on July 25th. My sweet beginnings!

Designed for... 

data-driven organised creative individuals who work from home and want optimize work-life rhythm.

Another person asked me asked me recently [what is zivotjehra?] - that's what I am once again trying to articulate and publish on the site by the end of VI-101-day-round on September 14th.

On Wednesdays/Thursdays, I have weekly mastermind calls with Amanda of creativeunblocking.com. I'm excited to participate in the promotion of her recently launched non-fiction book [Creative Unblocking: Bypass Self-Doubt, Tap Your Genius, and Complete Your Best Work]. It's aimed to help emerging artists and writers to overcome creative roadblocks in a structural step-by-step way. Amanda is helping me to overcome perfectionism and tendency to over prepare before hitting publish.

Changes in my daily routine: 

  1. Included frequent naps after reading this article on the [Compound Time] concept.

  2. I made an upgrade recently in my meditation practice and trying to build a habit of daily one hour meditation in the morning with the Cutting Machinery app.

  3. Since August I have a new configuration of my work space when I sit in front of the window. I gazed now into the sky a lot, and this makes me feel and think better.




  • [Rick and Morty] season 3. PICKLE RICK!!⚡️

  • 168 movies in Bobo's waiting list. Here are the first three that we watched after we finished The Sopranos that took us 4 months (click to go to IMDB page where the score doesn't say much about how cool those movies are!)

Now @nikisgmikis Instagram Chronicles

A clever idea by Derek Sivers that he describes on his About Now page. It let’s people see what you’re currently working on and excited about. You should make one, too.