Last update: 31-May'17

I'm at home in Minsk with Bobo. It's finally summer and we already got through the period of two-weeks hot water shut-off.

NOW is the break time between V and VI rounds of 100-days-games. Next round begins on June 6th.

Eventually, I started big blogging. After 20+ hours of the first article development, I decided to split it into three.

It took me eight months after launching this site last September. Recently at the beginning of May, I admitted to myself that I am a dreadful aspiring creative entrepreneur. Regardless of this evaluative judgment in the middle of the third year of reinvention, I think that I'm doing OK at my pace. Tortuga speed. Forward is forward.

Currently reading:

  • [Homo Ludens] by Johan Huizinga. Almost finished, frustrated that it's hard to process and remember!
  • Paralipomena part of [Parerga and Paralipomena] by Arthur Schopenhauer before bedtime.
  • [Gather the People] by Sarah J. Bray upon recommendation of my accountability partner in creative entrepreneurship, Amanda.
  • [The Trial] by Franz Kafka. At the very beginning, my first ever read of Kafka.

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Heaven is nowhere, just look to the stars. There is a day that is yours for embracing. (c) Each DAY is a new GAME.


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