Last update: 29 March'17

It's almost a year since I moved to lovely Minsk. It's the early spring here and still cold.

NOW is the time of  (5th) V-100-days [February 6 - May 16 '17]. 

My current quest: figuring out how to provide value to like-minded people via leveraging my core strengths and existing expertise in an honest and authentic way.

Current status: although I'm in a 3rd year of reinvention I'm  at the humble beginnings stage. If you are curious to learn more, browse here.

In a nutshell: I'm developing agile Pen & Paper self-management operating system for those unconventional and growth-minded individuals, who work from home on their own terms and struggle with focus and managing energy levels. 

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Heaven is nowhere, just look to the stars. There is a day that is yours for embracing. (c)

Each DAY is a new GAME.

Day is a 'tiny' lifetime.






If you are curious and want to reach out to me, email to:

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