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Last updated 16-April-018

Next article is in the works since 19-Feb-018. I'm going to share with you how to organize yourself through the calendar changeover.

This article, including Rounds Calendar set-up kit is aimed to help original thinkers who fall into three categories:

1. who want to unplug from corporate matrix, take a sabbatical

2. who are in transition to self-employment, including reinvention

3. who are in full control of their schedule and financially independent but want an operating system upgrade


They love pen&paper approach.

They prefer analog over digital.

They want to stay creatively prolific, be patient and consistent.

They desire to stay engaged with their long-term projects.

They wish to mitigate the risk of burnout.


I started developing this method after recovering from an emotional breakdown eight months into the reinvention process. By now I've been using it for 29 months myself (since November 2015) and engaged my mastermind partner to try it, Amanda is at Round 3.

Here's a current headline:

Work as Play

How to become an everyday hero


With a following outline:


Mission impossible?! Start fresh three times a year

Reframe: new day — new game

Don't be like Coca-Cola or How to eat elephant with a spoon

Map out your Rounds Calendar

I'm enjoying the beginning of Spring in Minsk. Visited for the first time the forest and listened to the birds yesterday.  That made me feel ecstatic and immensely lucky to be alive, to be me.

Also, I'm playing hooky with another post "Six observations that I synthesized for you after my recent crisis in March 2018".

Currently reading books by Nietzsche, Baudrillard, Mamardashvily, Homer (still!!!) and Sivers.

If you got curious and want to reach out to me, be a beta-reader of the posts mentioned above, send me a hello to niki@zivotjehra.org or reach me any other way you prefer. 

A clever idea by Derek Sivers. It let’s people see what you’re currently working on and is a reality check for you to stay on top of what matters.

Consider making a \now page, too.