You can read the blog post about the origins of the name ZIVOT-je-HRA, or read ‘who’s Niki’ page below.

Hey! I'm Niki Shmikis, one of the Millennials generation, turned 31 in October-017.

We have a lot in common if you are open-minded future thinker, curious individual with a kind and brave heart and you're into nerdy stuff.

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Sr.Miau Bowie.

Sr.Miau Bowie.

My background is in advertising.

I worked in media branch of French advertising holding Publicis since 20 y.o.

My clients were P&G, The Coca-Cola Company, MARS-Wrigley, and British American Tobacco. I learned a ton about marketing and strategy working for this top FMCG companies in the Russian market.

By fall 014 I was at the edge of a breakdown due to an existential crisis. I chose uncertainty in a sabbatical over dead-end dream career.


In eight years I made two pivots. When I pivoted from media planning to digital strategy, I was already partially dead inside after Coca-Cola Xmas 2013 campaign.

It took me one more pivot to realize that this path is existentially meaningless. I quit as Operations Director on P&G account a little after our team won an excruciating media buying pitch and survived transition period.

It was like leaving a sinking ship, and that's how I described the situation to my ex-boss trying to convince him to give it up. I didn't want to live dead inside and do something that doesn't matter, so I decided to run away. The ship continues it's sailing, all good. People in the corporate matrix are interchangeable.


Fast forward 2+ years...

With Bobo, my incredible partner on the rooftop of the Dancing House in Prague

With Bobo, my incredible partner on the rooftop of the Dancing House in Prague


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ZIVOT-JE-HRA is the atypical blog on self-development at the intersection of philosophy, neuroscience, and meditation.

I'm a neophyte in all those areas, sharing as I go. I've been incubating in my mind a synthetic philosophical concept since September-015. Read here what the heck is ZIVOT-JE-HRA.