let go of the productivity masturbation


feel your progress and mitigate the risk of burn-out

a bird’s-eye view on your life makes it easier for you to be sure that you're working on the right things, in the right order, and in the right way


reduce time on re-planning and overplanning 

define and stick to the plan minimum, track what you actually do


In a nutshell

  • The Logbook is a life-planning and life-tracking framework designed to obtain the high cognitive performance

  • Based on the handy DIY printable A4 tool that includes, day and week planners with time and data trackers

  • Key results: improved self-control and time-awareness, increased single-tasking, limited distractions

Watch how the Logbook looks like in real life

the Logbook is a fit for a minority of people

* Of all those who are driven to be a highly-functioning self

** Leave folks who want to keep technology at arm's length

*** They want to live a simple life of creation, connection, and learning

**** And set the agenda for themselves, choose contemplation over the hustle

Specific short-term use cases

  1. productivity audit

  2. building habits

  3. streamlining morning/evening rituals

  4. tracking life-data in a particular way


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The Logbook is one-stop for daily and weekly time planning that works best for people with an erratic workflow, who want to leave enough room for spontaneity and imagination. Unlearn the habit of overplanning by switching from endless to-do lists to the list of time-estimated desired outcomes.


This method requires you to build a habit of tracking your actual time-spent by hand. If done properly, the Logbook is a chronological record of your work and a log of personal activities. By the end of the week, you have a private record of progress, actual vs. plan. Tracking time-spent, habits, performance, etc., in one place is less time-consuming and enables you to see the patterns and dependencies over time.


A week at a glance view enhanced by color-coding helps you to monitor and control where you invest your time and diligently review your performance. Do reviews easier and faster with consolidated data for proper analysis.


Capture thoughts, notes, and tasks by macro-categories: create - connect - learn.

One-of-a-kind tool for self-organization


Tweak design for your own needs to create a unique artifact.


One A4 page substitutes 3+ software tools. Less distraction, more focus!


You only need Excel, a printer, paper, binder clip, and writing instruments.

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The Special Sauce

The Logbook works best along with the Rounds Calendar method. Realize your full potential despite fear, shame, and doubt all the way through in spiral movements.