Hi, I'm Niki Shmikis and this is a page about the services I provide.

I help independent, driven and focused on growth humans with infinitely curious minds in the first years of reinvention and transition from a corporate matrix. They work on creative and alongside business endeavors at home.

They love what they do and their work blends with their personal life. I help them with problems like workaholism, perfectionism, self-doubt, melancholy, and burn-outs. 

I teach unconventional self-management approach based on the intersection of neuroscience and philosophy so that they can find own rhythm and enjoy the process as it unfolds, optimize work-life balance, stay on track, and make steadily prolific progress with less stress.

In my consulting services, I use my passion for self-development and a futuristic, innovative mind with strong strategic skills. I’m best at envisioning possible futures, connecting dots and developing bold strategies to make things happen.

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