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Hey Stranger!

If you're an unconventional and growth-minded individual working to reinvent yourself, you're in the right place.

Whether you're at the beginning and don't know who you are anymore or what to do next, or whether you've found some direction but struggle with stress and overwhelm,

I've got tools that'll help you live life on your own terms with less drama and stress.


I'm Niki Shmikis,

strong willed neophyte philosopher and starry-eyed millennial ('86) with a burning desire to create beyond myself;

on reinvention journey since Jan'15. I took a sabbatical to get a break from a soul-crushing career in advertising.


In two years I made a personal breakthrough in conquering three top struggles:

  1. spending TIME wisely

  2. staying FOCUSed

  3. handling EMOTIONal rollercoaster

With heavy drama and lots of stress I've got through the TRANSFORMATION:

FROM [waking up most of the mornings in the 'pulled apart state', trying to get my shit together all day]


TO [waking up most of the mornings thrilled to start the new day, jumping off the bed, rocking and rolling through the day]

Preview of what I'm working on NOW:

I persisted in my desire to LIVE LIFE ON MY OWN TERMS. And paid a price with emotional breakdown, breakup, several psychotherapy sessions with half a year anti-depressant treatment.

This tough life experience pushed me to keep developing the PROCESS & TOOLS to manage myself wisely, maintain work-life balance and make steady progress towards my vision.

More visual references here on the Pinterest board with chronicles of the system evolution.