• Niki Shmikis is my alias. I'm realizing my childhood dreams through reinvention as neophyte philosopher.
  • I left soul-sucking job for sabbatical by the end of December/14.
  • Millennial world citizen, born in 1986. Moved to lovely Minsk in April/16. 
  • English is my second language, native is Russian (moscovite).
  • Here’s what I’m doing now.

Hey stranger ✊

This site is about experiences and practices of operating system upgrade. As if your mind is software.

[If LIFE IS A GAME, why not play it wisely?]

Are you curious? Below are the snapshots of the visual blog @zivotjehra. I covered there the background behind the concept of [operating system upgrade], which led to the birth of this site by September 14/2016.

Instagram triptych series about the  Audience of [zivotjehra] blog:     part 2  [what's in it for you],  part 3  [why do I write for you].

Instagram triptych series about the Audience of [zivotjehra] blog: part 2 [what's in it for you], part 3 [why do I write for you].


You are in the right place if you are:

Are you feeling burned out after breaking with status quo? Are you lost or overwhelmed at the beginning of the new chapter, or even new volume of life?

ZIVOT-JE-HRA blog is focused on the beginners, who just recently began the journey of living life on own terms. Myself in 2015 would be thrilled to get my current knowledge on the topic of managing yourself and knowing thyself, including philosophical perspective in the practical and structural format.

You may struggle with TIME

  • your workflow system is a mess
  • you are struggling to create a master plan for reinvention
  • you do not sincerely enjoy working on your own; it's a struggle
Time is precious, waste it wisely.

or with PLAY

  • you want to operate from the first principles
  • you want to figure out what’s your superpowers
  • you want to align with the big picture
You only live once.

ZIVOT-JE-HRA blog is designed to connect with you, ideal reader, and help you learn from numerous fails and improvements in the process of my reinvention since January 2015.

Ideally, the work of making my living knowledge actionable for others in the form of blog posts, templates, presentations, tips/guides will save you time and energy to go through the transformation

from [life is PAIN] to [life is GAME] ⛵️

If you are curious enough to subscribe, are you willing to leave a feedback?

This will help me to craft future content to better address the problems, needs or desires of my ideal reader. I respond to every submission within a week. It's amazing to talk with you in person, guys.
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This page is a foundation for the ZIVOTJEHRA endeavor, which was created with the invaluable help of [Start a blog that matters] course and launched on September 14, 2016.